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All About WAM

If you are reading this, chances are this may be the first time you have ever heard of WAM. For those of you who have heard of WAM before, we encourage any additional thoughts and ideas you might like to add. Again, for those of you who are trying to understand it, we hope this helps. WAM is an acronym for "Wet And Messy", not to be confused with WHAM, a bad pop act out of the 80's. 

What is WAM? WAMMING is watching or participating in acts of getting you or someone else messy. This messy behavior can include almost anything wet and messy. Most commonly used substances are water, mud, food substances (pies, pudding, cool whip, etc) and even things like quicksand and paint. And yes, it is a sexual turn on. But no, most of us don't get turned on if we just see a pie, or paint or mud, etc. 

Why WAM? Who knows? Why do many people like being tied up? Why do people like leather? (By the way, if you can answer the previous two questions, I have a friend who….oh…sorry, I'm getting off the subject). My point is wammers just like it! It feels good from both a psychological and tactile perspective. Hey…sometimes a pie is just a pie. I believe Soupy Freud said that. Actually, these days, if you were to admit to a group of people that you combined sex and food, you wouldn't even get much of a reaction. WAM folks just add a little of their own "edge" to it. 

How Do You WAM? (let me count the ways) Ok, now we're opening a big can of worms here….or maybe more to the point a carton of pudding. The "acts" of WAM vary according to individual tastes. Some prefer doing WAM completely naked and others prefer to do it in formal wear, business attire, uniforms, lingerie or various other "costumes." 

Situational WAM A lot of how you like to WAM depends if you like "situational WAM" activities. For instance, just throwing food on each other or swimming in a pool fully clothed may not be a turn on for some WAM people. However, if they set up a role play situation - going out to dinner… a cocktail party…at a wedding reception….a business meeting…-- which then slowly escalates into an exchange of pies, pudding, water, whatever….this more "reality based" situation works for them. In some cases this can lead to "other activities" But in many cases, it simply stays within the bounds of mildly erotic fun among friends. And in some cases it leads to nothing more than a fun time between friends. For some it is fun to play the messy "victim." They can be the person who gets their just desserts for being a snob or being obnoxious. By the way…this can be a very cathartic experience after a tough day at the office. (Psychiatrist friend of mine wanted me to add that.) Others simply like the mere sight of someone covered in food, paint, oil or the sight of someone in the mud or quicksand. 

How Many WAMMERS are there? For many years, especially before the advent of the Internet, most of us thought there simply couldn't be anyone else with this interest. Boy, were we wrong! I encounter hundreds and hundreds of new wammers every year online. And who knows how many more there are who don't talk about it and just "lurk." My bet is that there are MANY more lurkers. Then, consider that WAM people on the net are just a small fraction of society and you can easily assume there are tens of thousands of people out there with similar interests.

Where Did This Interest Come From? For many people it started with the first time they saw a 3 Stooges pie fight, or some slapstick situation on tv or in the movies. For some of us, a friend got us involved in it and we liked it. Personally, I think it comes from aliens on the planet Urwamus. It's all an insidious plot to drive up the stock prices of Sara Lee and Sherwyn Williams.

  Watching VS. Participating There are some people who only like to watch people getting messy and other who prefer to participate. Obviously, participating requires a bit more creativity and usually a partner. Although there are some out there who are perfectly content wamming themselves. 

You Mean There Are WAM Videos? Oh yeah! Every kind you can imagine. From G-rated to X-rated. From professionally produced to amateur home videos. There are literally hundreds of websites devoted to all kinds of WAM activities. The best place to go find these sites right now is the Ultimate Messy Directory. The URL is

WAM as Mainstream Still think this is a bit "weird?" Well, consider how long mud wrestling, jello wrestling, wet t-shirt contests have been in the mainstream. All with sexual overtones. It's the same concept but with a different spin for WAM fans. 

Could WAM be harmful? Like anything else, if you let something control your every thought and every emotion, it's going to be harmful to some degree. But, kept in perspective it is a fun, harmless, sexual turn on. And in many cases you can help put your dry cleaners kids through college.

  Cross WAMMING Many other "interests" cross over into the WAM genre. For instance, some people like to be tied up and pied….some prefer to play in mud in only leather or silk clothing. And french maid costumes fit neatly (or messily) with any WAM experience. 

A Final Thought So, there you have it. That's part of what WAM and Wammers are all about. Actually, we're all pretty lucky. We have an interest that is essentially harmless. And in most cases, even non-wammers enjoy participating in WAM activities especially if it's with a good friend. Think about it, for most people it's fun to play in the mud. And who hasn't wanted to toss a pie in someone's face at one time or another. So, the next time you see a mud bog, or see someone nicely dressed playing in a fountain or you're in the frozen dessert section of your supermarket…think of us.